Plasma/Profile Cutting

J&P Metal Technologies can offer both Plasma arc & Oxy – Acetylene profiling services for both ferrous & non ferrous materials in differing thicknesses.

Plasma arc profile cutting

This CNC thermal cutting process allows highly complex shapes to be cut with ease. Used in conjunction with the specialist thermal CAM software, multiple items, of the same thickness, can be cut from a single or multiple sheets with minimum waste.

Having a large 4 meter x 2 meter bed allows even the largest profiles to be cut.

Be it stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum the plasma arc cutting machine can accommodate most requirements in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm through to 15mm thick.

Oxy – Acetylene profile cutting

This machine utilizes magic eye technology and pre-generated 1:1 scale nests, created in our design office, to cut mild steel components ranging from 15mm through to 150mm thick with minimal waste.